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Carter's Fabrication & Design Co. has been in business at this location for 25 years. During this time our shop has grown to meet all the needs of our customers. We provide all services and products associated with American made motorcycles.

We provide all products available for your motorcycle as well as our own line of custom made products. These products can help to truly customize you bike with limited production parts that you won't see anywhere else.

Carter's Fabrication & Design is a registered motorcycle manufacturer who builds custom bikes. We have several base-line models which we work from. These bikes can be purchased as project bikes and completed with your input to create the exact bike you desire. You can also purchase one of these bikes already completed.

We also build TRUE ONE OF A KIND motorcycles. These bikes are NOT ASSEMBLED WITH "OUT OF CATALOG' PARTS. As with all our bikes we start with OUR OWN CHASSIS. The difference with these bikes from our base-line bikes is that the chassis are one of a kind and never duplicated. This also means components are unique to the particular motorcycle creating a true one of a kind custom bike.

Upon request we can also build a custom bike based on our customers design. If you have an idea, we can make it a reality.

To find out how to reach us visit our contact page.
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